ADESA Enhances Customer Experience with Simplified Online Self-Checkout

All-New Purchases Page Brings Greater Speed, Simplification and Centralization to Buying on ADESA

ADESA, a business unit of global wholesale used vehicle digital marketplace operator KAR Auction Services, Inc. d/b/a KAR Global (NYSE: KAR), announces the launch of its new Purchases Page for U.S. buyers. The new page streamlines online self-checkout and expands post-sale capabilities enabling customers to view and manage all their ADESA Simulcast and Simulcast+ purchases in one centralized place.

“With the ADESA Purchases Page, we’ve greatly upgraded the speed and simplicity of our post-sale experience so dealers can get retail-ready vehicles on their lots faster than ever,” said John Hammer, president of ADESA and chief commercial officer of KAR Global. “Our new Purchases Page emulates the experience of leading consumer ecommerce platforms, where the entire purchase process from start to finish is centralized and streamlined. Customers can go from purchase to delivery in just a few clicks, saving time and taking the stress out of sourcing fresh inventory.”

The ADESA Purchases Page boasts a simplified overview enabling customers to manage all dealership purchases in one place with the ability to toggle between individual or multiple rooftops. When checking out, customers can order transportation, add services like post-sale inspections and receive Vehicle Release Forms instantly when they pay with ACH or a floorplan.

Buyers also have more convenient access to their post-sale documents with the ability to download all purchase history, details and reports directly from the page. They can also identify which purchases need their immediate attention and select a vehicle to instantly view the cost and fee details, title information, Bill of Sale and invoice.

“We asked our customers what they wanted in their checkout and post-sale experience, and the all-new ADESA purchasing experience embraces their feedback,” said Rick Griskie, president of digital marketplaces at KAR Global. “We’re incredibly proud of the close collaboration with our buyers—our teams are obsessed with raising the bar and building an ever-better customer experience across our digital marketplaces. With these new integrations and simplifications, we’re continuing to fulfill our commitment to make wholesale easy so our customers can be more successful.”

The ADESA Purchases Page is one of several recent new offerings rolled out by ADESA to enhance its digital marketplaces and vehicle logistics centers. In September, ADESA launched streamlined OBD2 scans as part of its new inspection process. Earlier, the company announced an all-new inspections technology platform and enhanced vehicle undercarriage imaging. Together with new features like ADESA’s proprietary “% to Retail” indicator, these powerful innovations foster buyer confidence and cultivate a more vibrant marketplace that optimizes outcomes for both sellers and buyers.

You can learn more about the ADESA Purchases Page by visiting

ADESA is a leading provider of digital marketplaces for wholesale used vehicles supported by more than 70 vehicle logistics center locations across North America. ADESA’s progressive technology, data-driven tools and industry leading customer support are helping make wholesale easy so its OEM, financial institution, rental, fleet, and franchise and independent dealer customers can be more successful. Learn more about ADESA here.

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