ADESA UK’s Tech-Led Approach to Remarketing Rewarded with GreenFleet Award for IT Innovation

ADESA Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI) is a game-changing remarketing solution and winner of the 2019 GreenFleet Award for IT Innovation, with the judging panel recognising the way it helps businesses reduce carbon emissions during the de-fleet process.

ADESA provides businesses with a digital remarketing service which is accelerating change across the fleet sector through its “Faster, Smarter and Easier” approach.

As ADESA only operates in the digital world it does not have the legacy issues associated with traditional physical auction businesses. This enables it to deliver technology-led solutions which help to reduce both the Total Cost of Disposal and the carbon footprint of its customers by eliminating multiple vehicle movements.

ADESA IVI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the defleeting process. This is the first deployment of AI in the UK remarketing sector and is being used to protect investments in assets by helping make the assessing, selling and buying process faster, smarter and easier.
The traditional third-party inspection process is typically slow, costly and has an environmental impact. ADESA IVI empowers drivers to carry out their own inspection of end-of-contract vehicles using a smartphone or tablet loaded with ADESA’s template driven software. This means cars can be posted on ADESA’s online UPSTREAM platform within hours of being appraised, limiting their exposure to book-drops.

Crucially, ADESA IVI also removes the need for multiple vehicle movements. These typically would include a visit from a third-party inspector, transportation to a compound for storage and then onwards to an auction site, where it will be moved several times, and finally onto the end buyer.

The GreenFleet Awards judges recognised the tech-led innovation of ADESA IVI, saying: “ADESA produces an online tool designed to ensure that the defleeting process can be done remotely, negating the need for vehicle movement and actual on-site inspections and all of this means less CO2 all-round.”

Collecting the award was ADESA UK Managing Director Jonathan Holland, who said: “We are absolutely delighted to have won the GreenFleet Award for IT Innovation.

“The award recognises the ground-breaking innovation at the heart of ADESA IVI which is enabling leasing and finance companies, business fleets and OEMs to reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional remarketing where the multiple movement of defleeted vehicles is commonplace.

“We have addressed this issue by deploying our innovative AI solution which is enabling fleets to significantly reduce their carbon footprint when defleeting end of contract vehicles.
“We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help accelerate change with more fleets across the UK and help them de-fleet their cars in a smarter and greener way.”

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