KAR Global Launches Simulcast-Only Sales at Its U.S. and Canada ADESA Locations

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, KAR Global is making sure our teams, marketplaces, services and technology remain safe, operational and ready to serve our customers. In accordance with national, regional and local health agencies across North America and Europe, and to help minimize the risk of exposure, KAR Global is immediately transitioning to Simulcast-only sales at all U.S. and Canada ADESA auction locations through April 3, 2020. Additionally, during that time, KAR Global is waiving all Simulcast Success Fees for sellers and buyers.

While all sales will run at their regularly scheduled times, vehicles will not run through the lanes and dealers will not be allowed on the premises. Bids can be placed online via Simulcast on ADESA.com, ADESA.ca or the ADESA Marketplace app. Bidders will need valid ADESA.com or ADESA.ca login credentials (user name and password) and buy permissions enabled for their ADESA.com/ADESA.ca account. More information can be found on ADESA.com/Simulcast.

Unless otherwise noted, our offices, branches and auction locations will remain open for normal business operations — including vehicle previews and title and payment processing — outside of scheduled sales. On sale days, the auctions will open for regular business including title and payment processing outside of sale hours. Dealers may preview vehicles onsite up to and including on sale day but will not be permitted inside ADESA locations during sale hours. Also, AFC branches within ADESA auction locations will remain open for business as scheduled, except during sale hours.

We are strongly encouraging commercial and dealer representatives to use ADESA Simulcast Remote Seller capabilities during this time.

We are prepared to provide solutions to meet our customers’ remarketing needs including our digital marketplaces — always safe, convenient and effective alternatives to in-person sales. ADESA.com, ADESA.ca, ADESA Marketplace app, and TradeRev and our private label websites for franchise dealers all remain active and operational. For more information and updates as a result of COVID-19 coronavirus related developments, please visit ADESA.com/COVID19 or ADESA.ca/COVID19.

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