Life at OPENLANE: Q&A with John Wexler, Customer Service Team Lead, AutoVIN

From contractor to team lead, John Wexler has had tremendous success at OPENLANE since his start in 2016. Read more about his journey in our chat below. 

What has your journey at AutoVIN looked like?  

I started in March of 2016 as a contractor and was in dealership inspection. I then moved to full-time in post inspections. Over the years, that was transitioned to where we did regional post-inspection teams. Then in our current program, I was promoted to team lead. Since then, I’ve been coaching and developing our teams. Plus, supporting our supervisors and customers. 

What is something you are most proud of during your time with AutoVIN?  

The patience that I’ve been able to develop. I’m someone who wants to figure things out quickly and efficiently. Through working with my leadership team, they’ve helped develop me into a more patient person. 

What do you like the most about working at AutoVIN?  

It is never the same. I love a good challenge, problem solving, resolving it. Whether it’s a system issue, figuring out a kink in a process – I love solving those problems and it’s something that can easily be achieved here. You never know what call you’re going to get. 

What’s a piece of advice for newcomers to the company? 

Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.” If you don’t know – ask! I tell the same thing to all my reps. If they ask me something I don’t know, I always tell them I’m not sure – let me see what I find out. And if you do make a mistake along the way – own the mistake. What can I do to fix it? Ask and own. 

What’s your favorite aspect of customer service?

The customers – flat out. We have interactions where it’s non-stop laughter on the call and others where you need to be more empathetic because they’re going through a lot. 


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