Life at OPENLANE Diwali Edition: Q&A with Varun Dave, Group Product Manager

This Diwali, we’re proud to feature Varun Dave, Group Product Manager at OPENLANE. Varun has been with OPENLANE since 2018. Since then, he’s led many product initiatives, including helping establish our Market Guide. Learn more about his journey below. 

What is your favorite part of Diwali? 

How it brings positivity to my life, and sharing it with the next generation. I most look forward to spending quality time with family and making sure my kids understand the cultural importance of Diwali. 

What has your journey at OPENLANE looked like? 

I joined OPENLANE back in 2018 and since then, have led many large product initiatives, including the establishment of our Market Guide. 

What was your favorite part of implementing our Market Guide? 

Ensuring we had the most up-to-date and holistic data possible. It was both challenging and very exciting. 

What do you like the most about OPENLANE? 

Being set up to become a subject matter expert. Once you do that, you can independently own your decisions, risks and drive our products forward. 

Which of our company values resonates most with you? 

Fearless Ownership. I love driving a vision forward and I have a very “get it done” attitude. 

What do you like most about our culture? 

All the relationships I’ve built — I have made lifelong friends here. The culture in general sets up an atmosphere where it is very easy to bond with people, especially when you have the same passions. 


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