Tracking Technology Can Make Auction Day Easier for Sellers

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Kelly Scott

Tracking Technology Can Make Auction Day Easier for Sellers

Carmel, Ind. – Advanced technology developed by AuctionTrac, a KAR Auction Services, Inc. subsidiary, can help sellers save time and increase productivity while remarketing their vehicles on sale day.

Sellers can use the system’s unique features to track their own inventory, speed up the check-in and check-out process or even find multiple vehicles at once. By scanning vehicles during lot moves, AuctionTrac documents each process a car goes through once it arrives at auction.

“Our system lets sellers see detailed information about their vehicles—where they’ve been and who drove them last,” said Michael Newman, senior vice president of AuctionTrac. “This technology definitely helps take the guesswork and frustration out of sale day.”

AuctionTrac technology may also help sellers get their vehicles in front of buyers faster. The system can streamline the reconditioning process and reduce the time it takes for a car to get through the shops and onto the block.

“Because of its capabilities, AuctionTrac is a powerful tool in the hands of any dealer,” said Ricky Pickett, general manager for eFleet Direct. “This technology is truly a game changer.”

Vehicle sellers can access the system for free at any of the 29 ADESA auctions that currently utilize AuctionTrac. All ADESA auctions in the United States and Canada are expected to be fully implemented with the system by the end of September 2012.

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