TradeRev Releases “Title Concierge” and “My Account” Features for Dealers


TradeRev Releases “Title Concierge” and “My Account” Features for Dealers
New Tools and Enhanced Post-Sale Services Available With No
Subscription Fees

CARMEL, Ind. – April 12, 2017 – TradeRev, an innovative tech startup focused on streamlining automotive sales between dealers, today announced the elimination of monthly subscription fees for U.S. car dealers. TradeRev users can now launch and participate in unlimited one-hour online vehicle auctions with live, competitive bidding and only pay fees for completed transactions. Participating dealers will also benefit from TradeRev’s new personalized “Title Concierge” and “My Account” features and enhanced post-sale services.

“We’re constantly listening to user feedback and evolving our technology to improve the buying and selling experience for dealers,” said Keith Crerar, executive vice president of TradeRev U.S. “With no monthly subscription fees, TradeRev will further expand and empower our broad national marketplace of participating dealers. And our enhanced post-sale services will help finalize transactions more quickly, easily and accurately.”

TradeRev’s new “Title Concierge” service is aimed at building trust between participating dealers by ensuring buyers receive titles from sellers in a timely manner. TradeRev will open a direct line of communication with both parties, contacting sellers immediately after a vehicle is sold and following up until the title is in the buyer’s hands. It will also keep buyers regularly updated on title status to help them better plan and manage their inventory.

To help customers stay organized and operate more efficiently, TradeRev is also adding a “My Account” feature. Using “My Account,” customers can view a summary of their entire TradeRev accounting history on a single, easy-to-read page. The “My Account” tool will track all money movement between sellers and buyers, automatically posting each transaction in real time.

TradeRev is also making transporting vehicles between dealers easier and more convenient. Through TradeRev’s mobile app, sellers can now submit Vehicle Release Forms (VRFs) from their phones or tablet devices with the touch of a thumbprint. In the past, sellers were required to download a VRF, then scan and email or fax the form to the transporter. TradeRev has digitized and accelerated this process, allowing submission and review through the TradeRev mobile app.

“We’re confident these new features will further streamline the buying and selling process for dealers seeking new ways to increase sales and profitability,” said Crerar. “By removing subscription fees, we’re encouraging every U.S. dealer to test-drive TradeRev and feel the full power and benefit of our revolutionary mobile app technology.”

TradeRev is proud to have created the world’s first transparent automotive exchange, where both buyers and sellers are equally set up to win. Sign up here to start accelerating your sales, or learn more at

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TradeRev is an innovative mobile app that facilitates a transparent automotive exchange between used-car dealers. Available on iOS, Android and desktops, TradeRev’s real-time car auction technology introduces transparency and efficiency into the car-selling transaction by facilitating one-hour, app-based auto auctions. TradeRev helps dealers and dealer networks obtain true market value and close deals faster via a broad network of participating TradeRev dealers. Backed by KAR Auction Services (NYSE: KAR), TradeRev operates in select markets across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. When it comes to buying a car, everyone should come out a winner.

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