TradeRev Unveils Enhancements to MOVE METAL® Faster

Shorter Auctions, Flat Fee Transportation and Streamlined Registration to Accelerate Dealer Buying and Selling Experience

TradeRev, North America’s leading dealer-to-dealer digital auction platform, announced a series of platform enhancements to help dealers MOVE METAL® faster and easier. Beginning Feb. 5, 2019, TradeRev will shorten its auction timer to increase the velocity of dealer transactions on the platform. The change condenses the current one-hour auction plus one-hour closing period to a 45-minute auction and 15-minute closing period for buyers and sellers to finalize sale details. TradeRev also announced its 2019 flat-fee transportation rates for U.S. dealers and an accelerated registration process that allows new dealers to register and begin transacting in as little as ten minutes.

“TradeRev was built by dealers for dealers, and we’re constantly working with our dealer partners to make our marketplace as fast, fair and easy as possible,” said Becca Polak, TradeRev president and chief legal officer for TradeRev parent, KAR Auction Services, Inc. (NYSE:KAR). “Time is a dealer’s most valuable commodity, and we know every auction minute saved is a minute dealers can spend fostering leads and closing retail sales. By reducing the TradeRev auction experience to a single hour, buyers will have more certainty on cars they’ve won and sellers can move inventory off the lot faster than ever.”

TradeRev’s 2019 flat-fee shipping program is now available to all U.S.-based dealers. With heavily discounted rates well below retail transports and the ability to move vehicles from coast to coast, dealers have virtual access to a highly active national marketplace with thousands of other dealers. The flat-fee transportation program is facilitated in partnership with CarsArrive Network, a TradeRev sister company under KAR. Also available to dealers is TradeRev’s streamlined registration process to help new dealers become TradeRev partners and start transacting in minutes versus days or weeks.

“TradeRev is always working to improve our dealers’ experience and their bottom line —predictable, affordable transportation is a huge part of that,” said Keith Crerar, executive vice president of global operations for TradeRev. “And for new dealers, there’s never been a better time to join the TradeRevolution. Just pick from our menu of self-service to full-service options, provide some basic financial and auction access information, and you’ll be selling and sourcing fresh inventory before your coffee is cold.”

Dealers can demo TradeRev and sign up through TradeRev’s accelerated registration at NADA booth #521S, Jan. 25-27, 2019. Once registered, dealers can buy and sell live in the booth and experience the speed and accuracy of TradeRev’s condition report imaging technology powered by H.

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