TradeRev Unveils New MOVE METAL® Service Options and TradeReady Seller Protection

Customized Service Levels and No Arbitration Guarantee Help Dealers Save Time and Money

TradeRev, North America’s leading dealer-to-dealer digital auction platform, announced the release of the company’s new MOVE METAL® service options for sellers. The offering includes three customized tiers ranging from self-service to full-service, all aimed at helping dealers sell unwanted inventory faster and easier. Also offered is the company’s new TradeReadysm seller protection, an optional service that guarantees no post-sale returns or arbitrations. All service levels include access to TradeRev’s mobile app and desktop marketplace that facilitates live-bidding, one-hour wholesale auctions among thousands of dealers from coast-to-coast.

“TradeRev knows every dealer is unique, and that selling and sourcing inventory is never one-size-fits-all,” said Becca Polak, TradeRev president and chief legal officer for TradeRev’s parent company, KAR Auction Services, Inc. (NYSE:KAR). “Our new service levels put dealers in control of their TradeRev auction experience and help them sell their way all day, every day. And to make sure every sale is final, our optional TradeReadysm seller protection gives sold vehicles an arbitration-free, no-hassle, one-way ticket off the lot.”

All TradeRev registered sellers receive in-dealership onboarding and training as well as hands-on support planning and promoting the dealership’s “first sale” event. Sellers at the general TradeRev level image and launch their own vehicles using the TradeRev mobile app and the company’s powerful H artificial intelligence technology. For dealers who upgrade to the VIP level, TradeRev’s field crew will come to their lot to image vehicles, perform detailed inspections and complete onsite condition reports. And for dealers who want permanent peace-of-mind on every sale, TradeRev’s all-access level provides the additional power of TradeReadysm seller protection.

“On the lot or on the phone, the TradeRev crew is all about hustle – we’ll do everything we can to help our dealers win,” said Keith Crerar, executive vice president of US sales and global operations for TradeRev. “If you love imaging and launching your own trades, keep doing what you’re doing – our coast-to-coast team is standing by to help whenever you need it. But if you’re short on time or manpower, just upgrade your plan, give us the keys and we’ll handle the rest.”

TradeRev’s MOVE METAL service offerings also include two optional add-on services that can be applied on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. The negotiation feature allows sellers to extend the auction time and negotiate one-on-one with the highest bidder directly through the app. And for dealers who select the new lot sweep service, TradeRev will haul sold vehicles off their lot to an advanced logistics center to clear space for new dealer inventory.

TradeRev’s new MOVE METAL service options will be available to qualifying US-based dealers nationwide beginning November 1, 2018. Interested dealers can visit and click “Join Now” to enroll or contact TradeRev customer service at 844-881-8738 to upgrade their current plan.


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