We’re Celebrating 30 Years with 30 Acts of Kindness

Much has changed since ADESA was founded in 1989 with a single wholesale vehicle auction. Since then, ADESA has expanded to include 74 physical auction locations across North America – and developed technology for our customers to bid and buy cars from anywhere in the world. It’s truly amazing how far we’ve come in the past 30 years.

But while the auto remarketing industry, and our company, has changed considerably over the years, one aspect hasn’t – our dedicated employees, loyal customers and the communities we serve. ADESA would not exist if it weren’t for these great people.

During the day-to-day grind of trying to make budget and keeping pace with the competition, companies can often lose sight of what really matters: their people and communities they call home. At ADESA, giving back has always been one of our core values.

That’s evident from the countless hours our employees and auctions dedicate each year to charitable causes, whether it’s a Cars-n-Kids event at ADESA Kansas City or a Sleep in Heavenly Peace Charity in ADESA Fresno, which builds bunk beds for kids who are sleeping on the floor. Every event we host – big or small – is so meaningful and gives people in need a boost. I’m proud that almost every auction holds a yearly charitable event.

As we discussed ways to celebrate our milestone 30th anniversary, it became clear that this was less of a celebration of one company and more a celebration of the dozens of communities we serve across North America that have helped shape what we are today.

So I was thrilled when we chose to celebrate our anniversary by giving back to our communities through a project called 30 Acts of Kindness. This campaign starts in July and will run through October.

For 30 Acts of Kindness, each of our 74 auctions received a large poster to hang in their lobby. Each poster has 20 “acts” for employees to perform in their communities – from donating blood … to planting a tree … to thanking a first responder. We left 10 spaces blank, so each auction could choose “acts” that are close to their employees’ hearts. Each time an act is completed, it’s crossed off the list. The goal: complete all 30 before the end of October.

We have more than 10,000 employees at ADESA, and I encouraged as many as possible to participate in this great project. Giving back is very important to me personally, as well as many of you. We all have a responsibility to give back to the community where we work and live.

I enjoy reading about companies that do similar charitable events for their communities. No act is ever too small. When you do something good for people in need, you’re helping make the world a better place.

I look forward to updating you on the success of our 30 Acts of Kindness campaign.


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