Auto Remarketing: ADESA adds OBD2 emissions codes to condition reports

ADESA announced Tuesday it has added OBD2 emissions codes to the condition reports of vehicles inspected at its locations.

The auction company has streamlined OBD2 (onboard diagnostic II) scans through a new process, meaning inspections at ADESA vehicle logistics centers will include emissions codes more clearly displayed on condition reports moving forward. OBD2 represents a standardized system onboard car computers used for self-diagnostics and reporting.The company said the codes will now be directly added from the scan at the point of inspection and displayed on ADESA condition reports, and will appear as text in a “clean and easy to understand table format.” 

According to ADESA, OBD2 scans can provide more comprehensive diagnostic information on vehicle lights or issues that are already disclosed in standard inspections. They also have the potential to give sellers and buyers deeper information to “help understand the root causes and magnitude of vehicle issues,” the company said.

ADESA emphasized that the resulting codes from an OBD scan will not impact the vehicle’s AutoGrade. 

John Hammer, chief commercial officer of  parent company KAR Global and president of ADESA, said in a news release: “We’re constantly improving our inspection process and condition reports to ensure our customers are getting the clear, accurate and actionable data they need to be successful.

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