AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: 15 Industry Leaders Share Their Wish Lists for 2021

By Lindsay Chappell

. . . January 2021 represents a potential turning point — a window opening on an opportunity to start afresh, to reset, to straighten up old accounts, to improve.

“How would you make the most of this moment?” Automotive News asked executives and thought leaders around the industry. . . .

One answer is so obvious that it goes without saying: We would end the COVID-19 pandemic and return to our normal lives. And indeed, the entire world agrees on that.

But in addition to that, we pressed: Given this opportunity of a new year and a new moment, what wish would you have to make the auto business a better place?

These are the answers.

. . .

Maybe some civility in public dialogue?

The wholesale vehicle sector went through an unprecedented 2020, but KAR Global CEO Jim Hallett looks beyond the auction lanes when hoping for change in 2021.

“The problem I’d like to see fixed is the way our government and society approach addressing challenges,” the auction executive said.

Hallett lamented what he called a climate of hostility and division, and an apparent inability for many people to engage in healthy dialogue on important issues as obstacles to navigate past.

By contrast, every corner of the auto industry worked together to solve challenges in 2020, Hallett said.

“I’d like to see that same approach across the catalog of social, economic and public health issues facing our nation and world,” he said.

Hallett’s own sector faced significant challenges last year. In the spring, wholesale auto auctions were forced to close or go completely digital as the coronavirus spread across North America.

Hallett believes that fixing larger ills will start with individuals and companies taking more responsibility to be open to dialogue, and accepting personal accountability.

He also pointed his words at the nation’s elected officials.

“I’d like to see both parties start putting our people and the future of our country above the future of their office or their respective party,” Hallett said. “If we can do that, I think we’ll start to see some real, meaningful progress.”

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