Canadian Auto Dealer: ADESA Streamlines OBD2 Scans Through New Inspection Process

KAR Global unit Adesa recently added OBD2 emissions codes to the condition reports of vehicles inspected at its locations, and is streamlining the scans through its new inspection process.

The company said the codes will now be directly added from the scan at the point of inspection and displayed on its condition reports, appearing as text in a clean and simple table format. This addition is also being applied to the Canadian market.

“We’re constantly improving our inspection process and condition reports to ensure our customers are getting the clear, accurate and actionable data they need to be successful,” said John Hammer, Chief Commercial Officer of KAR Global and President of Adesa. 

Hammer said the OBD2 scans and the data they provide are not new to the industry, but the speed, delivery, and clarity of how they are displaying the codes is what will make a “significant” impact. 

“We’re ensuring both our buyers and sellers have a faster and clearer path to the key information they need to make smart decisions,” said Hammer. 

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