Canadian Auto Dealer: ADESA’s condition report gets high-def vehicle undercarriage photos

KAR Global division ADESA is adding new condition report capabilities for the American and Canadian market that includes high-definition vehicle undercarriage photos on its reports. 

The enhanced imagery aims to provide buyers with relevant, actionable data to support confident bidding and buying decisions. The images, which launched in mid-April, are now available across the U.S. and Canada.

“In an increasingly digital environment, buyer confidence is strengthened through accurate and consistent condition reports,” said Srisu Subrahmanyam, Chief Operating Officer of ADESA. “Our goal is to exceed the on-premise viewing experience for dealers and provide them with more information, imagery and data than they could gather from watching a car run down an auction lane.”

The undercarriage photos provide dealers with a more in-depth view of the vehicles they are looking to buy, and should help them make more data-informed decisions. 

The images are captured using the company’s new inspection technology platform that was launched earlier this year. With it, vehicle inspection specialists are able to complete inspections more quickly and accurately, according to the company, which provides better and more consistent information to buyers.

“Our vehicle inspection specialists understand the increasing importance of their role and the responsibility they have to our customers,” said Richard Carpentier, Head of Inspection Solutions at KAR Global. “They have received rigorous, hands-on training on this new undercarriage imaging capability and have a deep understanding of how these additional images will be relied upon by our customers.”

By strengthening the quality of its vehicle condition reports, Carpentier said they are helping to increase buyer confidence while also improving the outcomes for sellers.

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