Canadian Auto Dealer: TradeRev launches Retail VDP feature for dealers

TradeRev launched a customizable vehicle details page meant to help dealers better connect with their wholesale and retail business. 

According to the company, the new Retail Vehicle Details Page (VDP) feature allows them to easily share vehicle information online with consumers through a custom link. The idea is to help dealers gauge interest in a vehicle by showing a customized and customer-friendly condition report to the consumer so they can make a buying decision before dealers place a bid.

“Dealers don’t want to overwhelm their customers with every aspect of a vehicle’s condition report; they want to quickly and efficiently show consumers the information they value most when buying a vehicle,” said Mark Endras, President and Co-founder of TradeRev. 

He said the new Retail VDP allows dealers to easily customize a digital condition report to feature the information they specifically want to highlight for their buyers. “Customers can then make a quick decision and dealers can bid more confidently knowing they have an immediate buyer for the vehicle,” said Endras.

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