Used Car News: CarsArrive Network Launches Improved User Platform

CarsArrive Network, a business unit of KAR Global, announced the evolution of its technology platform, creating a more seamless user experience for customers. Transporters, banks, vehicle lenders and financial institutions will benefit from new enhancements including migration from on-premise servers to the cloud, as well as the ability to roll out new features or bug fixes with minimal down time.

“Customers want instant, reliable access to transport and real-time updates on the status and location of their vehicles—so we focused our platform enhancements on creating an improved user experience that virtually eliminates delays and downtime,” said Michael Briggs, president of CarsArrive. “We can now scale according to the needs of our customers with no change in infrastructure while operating at a higher standard.”

The CarsArrive platform evolution also includes an all-new mobile app, which the company anticipates launching in early 2022. The reimagined app will feature an easy-to-use interface and offline capabilities, further enhancing the user experience for both customers and transporters alike.

The new platform upgrades provide customers and transporters with little to no system delays when introducing new features. Updates can be put into production seamlessly and without disruption—allowing business to continue as usual. The platform also runs on the latest framework, providing better performance and improved security.

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